5 Aug 2013

So we have the new Doctor!

I couldn't sleep since Thursday. I was wondering who might be the next guy to play the Doctor. I had many guesses. I hoped that it would be Simon Pegg. I really did. But then something happened. Peter Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor and I screamed. It made so much sense. YES.

I am going to sonic you so hard!

Somebody might remember him from The Fires of Pompeii. Funnily enough this is the same episode where Karen Gillan (aka Amy Pond) appeared for the first time. I remember him mostly because of his brilliant performance in Torchwood: Children Of Earth. Peter as John Frobisher was my favourite character in the whole third season. I cried for him so much. More than I did for Ianto in fact. I think that his story was written perfectly, by Russell T. Davies. Moffat couldn't write it better and I can't imagine him being played by anybody else. So when he appeared on the stage last night, I jumped out of the sofa, did a little dance and let out a little girly squeal of joy. John Frobisher is the next Doctor. Number Twelve. 

How I imagine his existence in the series? Basically, sass. And I also think that he will show us the darker side of the Doctor. I can't wait. Not that I want Matt Smith to be gone already, but... but yeah, I kinda do. Don't get me wrong, I love Matt. I know that we had a rough start and I couldn't stand him at the beginning and said horrible things about him, but I am over that. I love him being the Doctor just like I loved the others. But I just can't wait to see the TARDIS door opening, Capaldi coming out of it, looking at me and say... 

Welcome to the family, Peter!

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