5 Aug 2013

So we have the new Doctor!

I couldn't sleep since Thursday. I was wondering who might be the next guy to play the Doctor. I had many guesses. I hoped that it would be Simon Pegg. I really did. But then something happened. Peter Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor and I screamed. It made so much sense. YES.

I am going to sonic you so hard!

Somebody might remember him from The Fires of Pompeii. Funnily enough this is the same episode where Karen Gillan (aka Amy Pond) appeared for the first time. I remember him mostly because of his brilliant performance in Torchwood: Children Of Earth. Peter as John Frobisher was my favourite character in the whole third season. I cried for him so much. More than I did for Ianto in fact. I think that his story was written perfectly, by Russell T. Davies. Moffat couldn't write it better and I can't imagine him being played by anybody else. So when he appeared on the stage last night, I jumped out of the sofa, did a little dance and let out a little girly squeal of joy. John Frobisher is the next Doctor. Number Twelve. 

How I imagine his existence in the series? Basically, sass. And I also think that he will show us the darker side of the Doctor. I can't wait. Not that I want Matt Smith to be gone already, but... but yeah, I kinda do. Don't get me wrong, I love Matt. I know that we had a rough start and I couldn't stand him at the beginning and said horrible things about him, but I am over that. I love him being the Doctor just like I loved the others. But I just can't wait to see the TARDIS door opening, Capaldi coming out of it, looking at me and say... 

Welcome to the family, Peter!

3 Aug 2013

In case you didn't know

You didn't hear from me since March. Maybe you thought that I died on my way to Moyvalley. But I didn't. So here is a little update, just if you are wondering what I am doing.

And yes, I totally named this post after Olly's album.

My trip to Moyvalley was great. Of course, as I predicted, I went to bed late and I had to get up just after a few hours. My hostdad was up already and he told me that Cork is on his way to work and that he can drop me off at the bus station in the city. And he did. I got there quite early, so I had to wait for a bit. I didn't mind though, as there is a free wi-fi at the bus station. I got to experiment with Foursquare when it told me that two other people checked in and I made a little game and started stalking them... long story short, they were both French. Eww. Game over, bros.
Anyway, got on a bus to Dublin, survived, found my other bus to Moyvalley on the first try and Sarka was already waiting for me when I got there. We stopped in a shop to get something to eat because the Genius (as I started referring to myself lately) didn't eat anything all day in case the road is bumpy. On the way from the shop we saw a guy on a bike. Until this moment I am absolutely sure that it was David Tennant. Sarka didn't get a good look at him (mostly because she was driving, but the fact that I couldn't talk and tell her about it until minutes later had something do with it as well). She didn't believe me and said that "running after him with a sonic screwdriver would be a bad idea anyway" and kept driving home. 
The house was amazing. I pressed a button and the gate opened. I am not kidding. Repeat, I pressed a button and the gate opened. The button and the gate were connected so when I pressed a button it opened. And guess what - when I pressed the button after we got trough the gate, it closed. I am serious. This really happened. Science!
After some relaxing we got into the car again (I kindly took over the gate duties for the rest of my stay) and went to Trim. Yes, we went to the castle. It was absolutely amazing. I was quite glad that Sarka is into that stuff as well so I didn't look like the only idiot during the tour. My awwws and oh-my-gods got a few looks at me, but I didn't care. Other people obviously don't understand and they don't realize that other people actually lived in there hundreds of years ago. That somebody actually built it and somebody definitely stood in the same spot where I am standing now and ....sorry, getting carried away again. Castles. History. Aaah. 

Some photos from the tour, stolen from Sarka's photo album. There's more if you want to see it!

A princess lived down there. A princess. An actual princess.

Trim Castle

On this picture Sarka managed to capture me in the process of being fascinated.

On a stupid bridge. Posing for a picture hoping that it will be done soon so I can
get back on a firm surface.

This is what it looks like when you look down. That's right, there are no floors left.

Posing again. Holding on for my dear life. I am so scared of heights. 
 The next day we went back to Trim to see the parade. It was freezing, snowing, raining, the sun was shining, we basically had all the seasons of the year in one day. Irish weather on an irish special day. I couldn't complain, even if I wanted to. It was Sarka's first parade and I didn't want to ruin it for her. In the end it was her who started complaining. But we bravely stayed there until the end and we were very proud of ourselves. There weren't many people left, because the weather was just horrible. Still, however cheesy it sounds, we had each other and nobody was pissing on our bedroom floor this time (that deserves a special post). 
It was a great weekend and I hoped that Sarka would come down to Cork so I can show her around, but unfortunately she won't make it. I promised her that as soon as I settle down she can come to visit me and be my aupair. Even if I don't have children. She can always be my aupair. And she makes really nice pictures. And she knows how to make Eclairs. Oh, and she let me to press the button to open and close the gate. My hero, Sarka. 

My life after that got better. I met certain people who made a huge difference. I see things differently now. It's freaking me out sometimes. I watch romantic comedies now. Like, seriously. Only this week I watched Legally Blonde at least four times. And I cry every singe time when Elle graduates. 13 going on 30 is on schedule tonight. Of course I will cry when Jenna gets together with Matt. Why the hell do I know their names?

In April, Matt Cardle decided to visit Cork. Of course I had to go. I went with my host mommy, Lisa. He looked at her while he was singing When We Collide and smiled. I saw that. I have it on the video. Ya rly.
I went to see freaking Olly Murs. Big thanks go to Micheal for getting two tickets for his girlfriend Lenka, who chose me to be her plus one. It was unforgettable. I know that everyone says this after a show, but guys, he waved at me. He did though. I was standing there all the way in the back, everybody around me was sitting and then the light went on us and I was right on the top and in the middle, dancing. He looked my way. So I waved. He waved back. I started screaming "OH MY GOODNESS HIIII" and then for the rest of the show I hoped that he didn't hear me. I swear it was a reflex.

I left Carrigaline about two weeks ago. I live in Kinsale now. Said goodbye to looking after children and moved on to live with an older lady who needs some company. Thanks, Lisa, for helping me to find this job when I was losing all the hope and started planning my life under the bridge. 
Life is great now. I live by the sea, just like I always wanted to. I have loads of free time, hoping to find a part time job here in Kinsale soon, so I don't get bored to death.

When it comes to fangirling, it's still me. Still into Doctor Who (a huge announcement will be out tomorrow evening, the actor who will be playing Twelve should be revealed), into Torchwood (no news there), Sherlock (new season coming soon, the trailer was released last night) and newly, The Hunger Games. I mean, I liked that movie, I did. But the books. Oh my universe, the books. I cried with almost every chapter. Read one book in two days. I really can't wait for November, when Catching Fire is out. I have a feeling that I will cry there. And I ship Katniss and Peeta so hard. 

And Barrowman got married! 

15 Mar 2013

Weekend out!

In a few hours I am going to bed and then I will wake up and run to the bus stop and hate myself because I will be late again but I will make it. 
And then the weekend begins!

I will go to Dublin, then I will change buses and go to Moyvalley, where hopefully my friend will wait for me. I met her almost two years ago, she then had to leave and last Saturday she finally came back to "our" island! 

Us (Sarka on the right). This picture was taken in a pub in Tramore where we sang What's Going On by 4non  Blondes and everyone was staring at us. Later that night a girl who was sharing a hostel room with us pissed all over the floor and then jumped naked on me while I was peacefully lying in bed. Good times.

I am pretty sure that we have a great weekend ahead. Plus she learned how to make homemade eclairs. Just when you think that you can't love a person any more, she learns to bake eclairs. 

I will be back with a full report next week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody! 

Random ranting

It has come to my attention that some things are said about me in the local au-pair community. Considering that trough my entire existence here in Carrigaline I've only met just a fraction of all the aupairs and most of them are gone by now, I can't help but wonder how did that happen. 
The things that are saying are not very nice. Things like "stay away from her" and "she's crazy" and not crazy in the good sense.

All I have to say to this is that if you think that you better stay away from me just because you heard some rumours that absolutely nobody can confirm (mostly because the said events never happened), be my guest. I've never been mean to anyone here, except for one case in Cork, where one girl decided to ruin my life and take my friends away from me and I found out and told her to leave me alone, then I didn't react to her messages or calls. That was all I've ever done and this one deserved it. 

If you think I am weird just because I am not out every night getting wasted, if you think that I am not good enough for you just because I prefer "stupid" sci-fi tv shows before drinking one bottle after another, just stay away from me. 
I am not desperate for friends. I've been on my own for the most of my life and I know how to entertain myself. You go out and do whatever you do on your great unforgettable parties, I will stay home and play with a microscope. You go out and meet boys, I'll stay home and find answers to some random questions that pop out in my head. 

We are all different, I respect that, you should too. Stop spreading rumours about me. Unless you actually see me sacrificing a cat to Satan, then you can tell everybody whatever you like. 

Yes, that was a threat. 

8 Mar 2013

"Smile, there's nature everywhere!"

Last weekend my friend Katie (I am not allowed to call her Katie, but it's my blog, I can do anything I want) asked me to join her and two other friends on a trip to Gap of Dunloe. Usually on Sundays I am so bored that I could kill myself so I said yes. In the morning I jumped out of the bed (not because I was so happy, it was because I was pretty late) and run to her house where we were collected by Peter and his sister Veronika.
In the car we soon started an interesting discussion about who needs to pee most often. I am not sure who won. 
We stopped in a nice hotel in Killarney for a coffee (orange juice in my case) and then we got to the car again and hooray to the nature. Mountains. Horses. Sheep. Wild goats. Nature. Yay.

View from the hotel terrace. 
And here we have the real nature. Mountains or something like that.

Suppose that was the Gap of Dunloe.

"Yo dawg so I heard you like taking pictures so we took your picture while you were taking picture so now we have a picture of you taking a picture"

Me ad Katie and my fringe.
All photos are stolen from Katie's facebook.
So that was me in the nature. Going trough the mountains I played the soundtrack to Lord Of The Rings and we all felt epic. Then Peter turned on Vivaldi's Four Seasons and it worked well, too. We were sure that the mountains are full of cannibals who are just waiting for our car to break down but this theory wasn't confirmed. 
We survived the journey and I fell asleep as soon as I got home, ready for another working week. Yes, I was tired, but it was still better than sitting at home complaining that there's nothing to do.

5 Mar 2013

Trips to the movies

Dear imaginary readers,
I know that I am not coming here as often as I planned, but you just have to accept the simple fact that my life is not interesting at all and if anything does happen, I am probably too lazy to write about it. But today I can make an exception. People who know me know that I wouldn't mind spending most of my time in a lovely seat in the cinema, being absorbed into another world. Lately I've been going to the movies almost every weekend, so I thought that I might tell you something about the movies I've seen. Are you in? I am!

The Hobbit


If anybody asks me how many times I've seen this already, I probably wouldn't be able to say a number. I simply lost count. For all who loved the Lord Of The Rings, Peter Jackson is back at his best. We're back in the Shire. Everything is beautiful and green and also we have Martin Freeman. It was my first Freeman movie since his performance in my favourite Sherlock, so I was a bit afraid that I will not be able to accept the fact that this is not John Watson, but good old [young] Bilbo Baggins. And I must admit that I had trouble with it the first time I watched that movie, but then it just faded away and now I am afraid that in the new season of Sherlock I won't be seeing John Watson but Bilbo Baggins. First world problems.
And don't even get me started on the awesomness of the dwarfs. Just go and see it. Trust me. Go go go. 

Django Unchained

When it comes to Tarantino, I always end up writing the same... and I am out of superlatives. Django was brilliant. The ending could have been shorter, but it doesn't change my opinion. Christoph Waltz on the top of his game, as usual. DiCaprio giving me creeps, as usual. I am sooo getting this on DVD when it comes out!

Warm Bodies

This film had so much potential and they ruin it with a stupid love story. Ok, if the love story wasn't the plot line, it would be ok. But this was basically just a movie about absolutely nothing. Girl developing a good case of Stockholm syndrome. Romeo and Juliet, they said. Good thing Shakespeare is not around to hear that, he wouldn't be happy, methinks. 
I liked it until Juliet showed up. The scenes at the airport were hilarious. When R. was introducing us to his best friend and they had a chat, I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. But from there it just went downhill. Would I watch it again? Maybe. Worth a dvd? Hell no. 

A Good Day To Die Hard

Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce. When I found out that they are making another Die Hard movie, I was quite disappointed. Mostly because I just bought a Die Hard dvd boxset because I thought that it's complete now. Exactly the same thing that happened to me with Indiana Jones. Good thing I didn't buy my Star Wars collection yet, ha ha. 
My friend and her boyfriend went with me and they said that it was crap. I liked it. I will get the dvd. I will get a new boxset. Yipee-ka-yay, mother***er.

Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters

It was November 2012 when I first heard of this movie. Happiness. It was two weeks after that when I found out that Jeremy Renner [aka The Butt] will play Hansel. My reaction included stupid smile, jumping up and down and all that stuff a fangirl can't exist without. I should probably mention that this all happened at a bus stop. With other people standing around. Yeah. 
So last week it was finally out. I wasn't happy about the film being in 3D, but then I realised that I will see The Butt in 3D. I knew that I am going to enjoy this film. But I had no idea that I will love it so much. It was awesome. I want to buy the official dvd, then the director's cut, extended version, special edition, everything that has something to do with this. After few minutes watching it I forgot all about Renner and his butt. You know why? 

Because of her. Gretel. She is so beautiful and she was running around killing stuff. 
I usually don't fangirl about actresses, unless, of course, it's Catherine Tate or Karen Gillan or Kate Winslet, but this one... ah. 

And that's about it. Next movie I am expecting to see is the new Wolverine, but I don't think it's coming out until June or something around that time. Hopefully I will still be alive to see it. 

See ya!

13 Oct 2012

Lazy Saturday

Last night/morning I went to sleep around 5 AM, because that's how I roll Friday nights. Anyway, this morning I woke up at 11.23 and it was awesome.

First I thought that I will go to Cork with my friends to do some unhealthy shopping and our traditional Saturday lunch at Eddie Rocket's, but then I realized that I am forgetting one little detail: I can't breathe. I've had this annoying cough since Monday morning and it's not getting any better and I want to go to see Taken 2 tomorrow afternoon so I just decided to stay in bed and hope that if I am good and not running outside the cough might just walk away. 
I managed to dye my hair and have a nice long shower, but I swear that was the only time I left bed. 

I am going to Czech Republic to visit my family by the end of the year, so I bought a new suitcase on Tuesday. I wanted to get a blue one and then use some textile paint to make it look like Tardis, but they had a pink one in sale for only 25 Euro, so I got that one. 
I also already have the flight booked and a massive thanks goes to my hostfamily, because they paid the flights for me. 

That's probably all from me for this week. 
I will come back when something interesting happens.

Until then you can do what I do, listen to this song. It's the intro to a song called Some Nights you can hear on the radio. And when it ends, play it over. And over. And over. And then repeat the process.